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Slide Redesign: Presenting PESTLE Analysis with a Modern List Layout

Do you need to prepare a strategy for entering a new market? Present it using a PESTLE analysis when talking to your investors or management board.

Let’s see a redesign case study on how you can make such a presentation more impactful. Replace the standard bullet points format and stuffed text with a modern-looking infographics slide.

PESTLE Analysis slide before the redesign

Our source slide appears boring and difficult to read. As you can see, the bullet points and the lack of color make this slide look quite monotonous and unengaging.

market-evaluation-for-entrance-strategy-pestle analysis-before-redesign-slide

Now, let me show you how we transformed this average-looking slide into a more appealing one with as little as four simple steps.

The Slide after the redesign

Source: infoDiagram slides graphics Go To Market Strategy Plan library

Let’s analyze the process of the transformation. When we compare both slides, we can see that the uplifted slide looks more engaging, and all of the PESTLE elements are evenly distributed throughout the whole slide, making it easier to read and understand.


Step 1. Use a column layout to emphasize the PESTLE elements

Start by adding a rectangular-shaped table-like layout to show the description for each PESTLE element.

Step 2. Add colorful line vectors for terms distinguishment

Notice how we’ve put different color lines for each element. You can experiment with the contrasts, as long as they differentiate for each of the elements.


Step 3. Place circles in a corresponding color

As a next step, make space for icons. Place circle shapes above each element in the same color as the lines you’ve put before.


Step 4. Insert icons for visual association

Think of the icons as an association with a topic, as we did here. Notice how we have placed a political icon for politics, people for the social element, etc. Our recommendation is to use white outline icons to make a contrast and emphasize them.


Hopefully, you will find this post useful and inspirational for your next presentation. Check also our series of posts on How to redesign a slide.

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The slide makeover infographics used in this post, are part of the Go To Market Strategy Plan infoDiagram collection. Check there for more graphics.

If you prefer some DIY diagrams, now you have a chance to test this free sample diagrams and icons kit!

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