How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Do’s and Don’ts in Remote Work PPT

Are you hiring a talented workforce internationally, or are you simply implementing a hybrid/work-from-home model? No matter your goal, remote work has either way proven beneficial since the pandemic.

However, this mode has shown to be challenging regarding work ethics for some people. Therefore, it’s important to educate your employees on remote work principles. If you want to create rules, it’s handy to clearly accentuate the basic do’s and don’ts rules.

Presenting such information in a standard table will look intimidating, so we replaced the boring-looking tables with catchy visuals for sending a clear message, and keeping the reader engaged.

How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Net Promoter Score Benefits Presentation

The net promoter score is an excellent metric to measure customer satisfaction and usually ranges from 0-10. Implementing this metric into your business will bring benefits, such as customer retention, future referrals, etc.

We have prepared for you an infographic slide, covering the net promoter score benefits, so you can present this idea to your team, and see whether you have achieved customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Keep reading to see how we turned a standard-looking slide into an engaging visual presentation.

How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Listing Talent Management Components with a Hexagon Diagram

Do you need to present a list on a slide? In this blog, I will show you how to do it effectively and creatively without using typical for lists numbers or bullet points. I’m going to use an example of the presentation of talent management components. Even if you may not be working with human resources, this slide transformation can give you an idea of how to change any other slide that has a list of items.

It’s a no-brainer that every presentation should look appealing, simple, and element-rich, but most importantly, send a loud and clear message to the audience in a limited time.

We have turned a traditional-looking slide into an interesting infographic illustration.

The whole slide makeover required only four steps.

Talent Management Components Slide Before the Redesign

The displayed source slide looks very unengaging and bland. There aren’t any catchy elements that could trigger the interest of the audience. Also, the simple enumeration on a white background isn’t leaving the desired impression.

Let’s see now what the improved version looks like.

How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Profit and Loss Statement Table Presentation

In this post, I will explain to you the way to design a nice Profit and Loss statement presentation with a financial table.

A standard financial report includes a series of tables with income statements, cash flow, balance sheet, equity changes, and liabilities. With this type of dense table, the information should be presented as simply as possible.

P&L Statement Table Slide Before the Makeover

profit and loss statement presentation slide with ppt graphics before redesign

Our source slide presented above looks old-fashioned and overwhelming. It’s also quite monotonous.

Let’s see now what the recreated slide version looks like.

How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Head and Brain Graphic Presentation

Are you interested in presenting customer behavior? Or generally any creative thinking or cognitive-related topic to your team? For your inspiration, we’ve prepared a design makeover example with a head and brain graphic presentation slide.

We try to share here effective presentation graphics that doesn’t acquire too much time and are rather simple to recreate on your own.

How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Presenting PESTLE Analysis with a Modern List Layout

Do you need to prepare a strategy for entering a new market? Present it using a PESTLE analysis when talking to your investors or management board.

Let’s see a redesign case study on how you can make such a presentation more impactful. Replace the standard bullet points format and stuffed text with a modern-looking infographics slide.

How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Replacing Boring Table – Omnichannel Retail Strategy

Don’t you have an impression that raw tables in PowerPoint are monotonous and unattractive to read? Tables are very often used in PowerPoint content, so to make your presentation unusual, try something different for a change. I recommend replacing them with a more creative design.

So let me show you how to do it. You will redesign your boring table into a stunning infographic just with a few steps. We’re going to use a slide representing the omnichannel retail strategy.

Slide with the omnichannel retail strategy before the redesign

Our source slide contains a raw table full of text. It’s not very smooth to read it and does not look attractive at all, due to the default monotonous table design.

diagram gap omnichannel retail strategy ppt slide before redesign

Let’s see what an interesting infographic we can create using simple shapes available in PowerPoint.