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Slide Redesign: HR Metrics Dashboard

If you need to present human resources-related metrics, an organized data dashboard is a great way to display important aspects of HR performance indicators concisely. This will help your audience quickly gain insights into the presented data.

For inspiration and ideas on how to recreate an appealing HR Metrics Dashboard slide, read on.

HR Metrics Dashboard Slide Before the Redesign

hr metrics dashboard slide before the redesign

Our source slide presented here has a lot of text blocks that are very difficult to understand and read.

So let me show you now how to turn this boring slide into an appealing graphic presentation.

HR Metrics Dashboard Slide After the Redesign

Look how the redesigned slide changes everything. We simply distributed the bullet points in a circle and added color and icons. As a result, we’ve got an eye-catchy presentation!

Let’s analyze them together.

hr dashboard metrics - profile, engagement, recruitment, skills remuneration

I believe you will agree that the final look is a game changer.

See how we recreated this slide in just 4 steps.

Step 1. Reorganize the Order of the Bullet Points

You don’t always need to put the bullet points in a column. As we can see from the picture below, placing them into a circle creates an interesting visualization.

hr metrics dashboard slde redesign step 1

Step 2. Add Some Shapes and Modern-Looking Font

With a little design touch, rearrange the shapes into better-looking ones, and add a circle in the middle of the bullet points. Also, change the classical Times font to a more unique one – in our case we used Calibri.

Step 3. Place Icons for Readability and Understanding

Adding some associated icons to each of the specific HR metrics makes your diagram more understandable and readable.

Step 4. Enrich Your Presentation with more Elements for a Greater Impact

Finally, to make this presentation look astonishing, experiment with additional design elements. In our case, we have added some vivid colors for each of the metrics and outline icons in the corresponding color.

I hope you will find these tips useful and include them in your next presentation.

There are several criteria on what makes an effective presentation slide to be kept in mind.

Check out this YouTube guide on How to creatively present HR Data with Dashboards in PowerPoint.


The slide makeover used in this post is part of the infoDiagram’s HR Metrics Dashboard Data Chart Template library. Check there for more graphics.

For more instructions on how to recreate similar slides, make sure you check this blog out.

Regardless if you are a beginner or an expert, you can download this free kit of diagrams and icons and recreate a slide from scratch!

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