How to re-design slide One-Pager in PowerPoint

Slide Redesign: Physical Product One-Pager Leaflet

The one-pager leaflet is a really popular and useful format. If you’re offering a product, it lets you to present it briefly. We’d like to show you how to create such one-pager in eye-catchy way. So check out this blog to see how we recreated a physical (non-digital) product one-pager slide from scratch.

Do you know that for creating such a graphical flyer you don’t always need advanced design software? A PowerPoint will do, too. See our guide of transforming the presentation slide into a fully graphical leaflet.

Physical Product One-Pager Slide before the redesign

physical product one-pager slide before the redesign

Our source slide here shows what the one-pager looked like before. As you can see from the picture, it contains a lot of text blocks and it’s hard to read.

Now let’s see what the final design can look like.

Physical Product One-Pager Slide after the redesign

non digital product one pager after redesign ppt
Source: infoDiagram graphics from the New Physical Product Presentation One-Pager library

See how the redesigned slide looks more appealing now? It’s filled with vivid colors and elements, yet it looks quite clear and not overwhelmed with graphics.

Let’s analyze them together.

Compared to the old one, the uplifted redesigned slide looks more organized, it sends a clear message and it’s easier to read and understand.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to recreate this slide, along with illustrations.

Step 1: Use the full slide area and two-column layout

Start by using a two-column layout to present the product picture clearly. Don’t be afraid to go edge to edge and use all the space available.

Step 2: Create graphic space for product details

Next, replace the standard bullet points with product features by adding an arrow graphic to accentuate the product specifications. Adding a simple PowerPoint arrow shape is enough.

Step 3: Add icons for product properties

As a final step, add the icons to emphasize the importance of the product properties. Think of the icons as an association that comes into someone’s mind.

Not sure which icons are the best for your product? See also these tips on how to find the right icon and use it in your presentation.

More examples of product leaflet pages, read this article: 4 Ways to Showcase Your Non-Digital Product.

Check out this YouTube Video on how to recreate the leaflet slide we presented above:

For other untypical use of PowerPoint for flyer-like design, you may also like this related article Company Snapshot One-Pager PPT Leaflet.


The slide makeover infographics used here are based on the New Physical Product Presentation One Pager infoDiagram library. Check there for more graphics.

Try to do similar designs by your own with started graphics kit – free PowerPoint diagrams and icons that you can use to create this kind of presentation graphics.

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