How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Euler Diagram for Presenting Overlapping Items

Do you need to present overlapping items or elements that have something in common? Giving such information can be quite messy and look unclean. The solution for that is simple – use diagrams!

There is a specific type of diagrammatic visualization that is great for presenting complex hierarchies or concepts that share similarities. They are called Euler diagrams.

In this guide, we will see how to convert a complex table into a clean-looking slide with an Euler Diagram illustration explaining the overlap between the supranational European bodies.

How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: To-Do Checklist Table in PowerPoint

Do you need to present upcoming goals and each member’s role to your team? A well-patterned to-do checklist table might be the best solution and easiest to follow.

You can make a to-do checklist in PowerPoint from scratch, and if you don’t know how – we got you covered!

Keep reading to see how we redesigned a RASCI matrix table with a simple list slide into a sleek checklist with graphics and icons.

How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Yearly Marketing Plan with an Outline Table

Presenting the annual marketing activities plan can be quite overwhelming with the amount of information you need to pass to your audience. On that note, we have created for you an example of a yearly marketing plan makeover with an outline table, to help you send a loud and clear message, presented as simply as possible.

Table with Yearly Marketing Plan Before Redesign

Our source slide presented here looks pretty plain and boring. The calendar is average-looking and not very attractive for a marketing plan presentation.

Let’s look at the redesigned version now.

Yearly Marketing Plan Table After Design Update

yearly marketing plan with an outline table slide after the redesign
Source: infoDiagram Creative Presentation Tables and KPI Outline Design Template library

That’s quite an improvement now, isn’t it? We have replaced the standard old table, added different icons and elements, and as a result – we got a clean-looking table slide!

How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Metrics Table of Triple Bottom Line Sustainable Strategy

Have you ever worked with tables in PowerPoint? We work with them often, this time it’s a table with sustainability strategy content. And you know, your final effect doesn’t have to look like a commonly known, typical table. I’d like you to see how we turned a slide presenting metrics of John Elkington’s triple bottom line sustainable strategy concept into a creative illustration.

We have replaced the standard table content with simple elegant graphics.

How to re-design slide

Slide redesign: HR Onboarding Process Flow

Here is a redesign case study showing how you can graphically change a PowerPoint slide describing an HR onboarding process.

We will use the presentation explaining hiring with pre-onboarding and without it.

Slide with HR diagram before the redesign

Our source slide contains a table describing the steps of this HR process.

diagram before redesign hr recruitment process powerpoint effective-slides