How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Replacing Bullet-Points in Gap Analysis List

Bullet points are the most common way of formatting text in PowerPoint. However, such a kind of text structure is quite boring for eyesight.

I’d like to show you how easily you can turn a typical bullet point slide into an interesting diagram. We’re going to use a slide representing types of gap analysis.

How to re-design slide One-Pager in PowerPoint

Slide Redesign: Company Snapshot One-pager Leaflet

I’m going to present you a few tips to use in PowerPoint for a graphical change of leaflet with a company snapshot.

We will use the one-sheet leaflet containing business key information in a snapshot, also called a one-pager.

Slide with company snapshot before the redesign

Our source slide contains a lot of text blocks and is hard to read.

templates onepager company snapshot before redesign

Let’s see how you can change it into a visually appealing infographic, using just a few hints.

How to re-design slide

Slide redesign: HR Onboarding Process Flow

Here is a redesign case study showing how you can graphically change a PowerPoint slide describing an HR onboarding process.

We will use the presentation explaining hiring with pre-onboarding and without it.

Slide with HR diagram before the redesign

Our source slide contains a table describing the steps of this HR process.

diagram before redesign hr recruitment process powerpoint effective-slides