How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: Listing Talent Management Components with a Hexagon Diagram

Do you need to present a list on a slide? In this blog, I will show you how to do it effectively and creatively without using typical for lists numbers or bullet points. I’m going to use an example of the presentation of talent management components. Even if you may not be working with human resources, this slide transformation can give you an idea of how to change any other slide that has a list of items.

It’s a no-brainer that every presentation should look appealing, simple, and element-rich, but most importantly, send a loud and clear message to the audience in a limited time.

We have turned a traditional-looking slide into an interesting infographic illustration.

The whole slide makeover required only four steps.

How to re-design slide

Slide Redesign: HR Metrics Dashboard

If you need to present human resources-related metrics, an organized data dashboard is a great way to display important aspects of HR performance indicators concisely. This will help your audience quickly gain insights into the presented data.

For inspiration and ideas on how to recreate an appealing HR Metrics Dashboard slide, read on.

How to re-design slide

Slide redesign: HR Onboarding Process Flow

Here is a redesign case study showing how you can graphically change a PowerPoint slide describing an HR onboarding process.

We will use the presentation explaining hiring with pre-onboarding and without it.

Slide with HR diagram before the redesign

Our source slide contains a table describing the steps of this HR process.

diagram before redesign hr recruitment process powerpoint effective-slides