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Slide Redesign: Do’s and Don’ts in Remote Work PPT

Are you hiring a talented workforce internationally, or are you simply implementing a hybrid/work-from-home model? No matter your goal, remote work has either way proven beneficial since the pandemic.

However, this mode has shown to be challenging regarding work ethics for some people. Therefore, it’s important to educate your employees on remote work principles. If you want to create rules, it’s handy to clearly accentuate the basic do’s and don’ts rules.

Presenting such information in a standard table will look intimidating, so we replaced the boring-looking tables with catchy visuals for sending a clear message, and keeping the reader engaged.

The Remote Work PPT Slide Before the Redesign

remote work powerpoint slide with table before the redesign

This is a standard table presentation that looks boring and intimidating. What’s more, no one will remember 10 rules written with plain text. There’s no catchy element or symbols which will draw attention. So let’s see what a more modern visual slide should look like.

The Remote Work PPT Slide After the Redesign

When we compare them together, we can see that the redesigned slide looks much more appealing, and engaging, and has enough elements proportionally distributed throughout the whole slide.

online meeting guidelines remote work powerpoint infographic comparison slide

Below you can read more about the required redesign steps.

Before the redesign: Consider the visual form

Such slides with messages to employees or the audience should speak with symbols and colors. Think for a while of the way of enriching the plain text from the table with symbols, colors, or icons.

Step 1. Replace the table with text boxes

As we mentioned previously, instead of a table, add free text boxes, it gives more options for decorating headers (you’re not restricted to editing only the table’s options) eg. replace simple headers with two rounded rectangles for the do’s and don’ts.

Step 2. Make the typography more catchy with highlights

Make your text more appealing and unique, by highlighting key points and creating more visible headers.

Step 3. Add representative icons for element-rich presentation

Make your slide more element-rich and easier to grasp by adding representative icons for each of the key points.

Step 4. Color-coding will contribute to the distinguishment of the elements

As a final step, add colors to make the positive and negative behaviors easier to distinguish. In our case, we added dark turquoise color for do’s, and a yellow-orange tone for the don’ts.

powerpoint slide redesign guide step 4

I hope you had fun reading this, and that it initiated some interesting ideas for your next presentation.

Here’s a YouTube Video Illustration for more illustration ideas.

Still not sure how to make a good-looking presentation? No worries, you can download this free sample kit to practice your designing skills to perfection! Go ahead and check it out.


The graphics we used in this blog, are the property of infoDiagram’s Remote Work Know-how Infographics collection. Check there for more slides.

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