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Slide Redesign: Team Slide in a Pitch Deck Presentation

Need to present a start-up idea to your investors? Having a strong portfolio and team presentation it’s crucial to receiving the needed funds for starting the business. Also, it’s important to use the limited time for presenting wisely. That can be achieved with well-prepared slides beforehand. In this post, we have prepared for you an inspiration on how to present a part of the pitch deck – the team slide.

All you need for this reconstruction is four simple steps.

The Team Slide Before the Redesign

The slide presented here lacks creativity and personal touch. It wouldn’t leave any impression on your investors. It uses a boring simple default table and therefore it appears as if it was made in rush.

You can do much better if you use some creative shapes, add persons’ pictures and consistent design elements.

The Team Slide After the Redesign

Here’s how we would re-create this slide, using line graphics. Such style creates a feeling of modern elegance without overwhelming the content.

the company team slide ppt after the redesign
Source: Creative Investor Pitch Deck, Organic Blob Shapes (PPT Template) infoDiagram’s library

When we compare them together, there’s no doubt that the redesigned slide looks far more professional, and interesting to look into.

team slide comparison before and after redesign

Let’s see now step by step how to turn this slide into an impactful presentation with presentable elements and graphics.

Step 1. Add pictures of the team members

Replacing the human icons with real-life pictures will give a much more personalized touch and will appear more presentable. It’s always good to put a face to the name since it shows also that you acknowledge each member’s contribution to your work. To make your slide look much less average, place every picture into a blob shape just as we did. As a result, you will have much more space and a clean-looking presentation.

Step 2. Create a structure with lines and circles

As a next step, add a straight line vector and dots in a form of circles. You will use this line in the following steps to add a description under each picture.

Step 3. Enrich your slide with more graphic elements

You can add line call-outs for explaining everyone’s position. Also, you can apply a dark bottom stripe which will contrast well with the added text.

Step 4. Write the names and positions of the team

And finally, write down your team members’ names and positions. As a bonus, add some stylish organic shape outline to each picture to make your slide even more unique. In our case, we have added orange irregular circles which go great with the color of the names.

I hope you had fun reading this, and it encouraged you to make your presentation more creative. If you still aren’t sure what a good slide should look like, make sure you read our post covering this topic.

We have also a free sample kit for you, so you can practice your designing skills.

There’s also a video illustration that you might like:


The slide makeover used in this blog is an inspiration from the infoDiagram’s Creative Investor Pitch Deck Template. You can find there more ideas on building the whole portfolio.

Additionally, in this blog, you can find some useful tips on how to prepare the rest of the pitch presentation.

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