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Slide Redesign: Financial Risks Pyramid

Presenting Investor Portfolio’s Risk Levels with a Pyramid Infographic

Do you need to present levels of financial risks? To create a memorable presentation, it’s good to use popular visual metaphors. In the case of risk levels, a pyramid can be a good candidate for a slide illustration. For that reason, we have prepared for you an example of a financial risk pyramid, presenting the issues in a hierarchical matter, from top to bottom.

Keep reading to see how we created this slide.

Financial Risks Slide Before the Redesign

Our source slide presented above shows us a simple white table with a description. It doesn’t emphasize the importance of the risks or prioritization and frankly, it looks pretty boring to look at. In other words, it shows that you are unprepared, and that’s something you would like to avoid.

Now, let’s see how the financial risks can be presented with help of a visual metaphor – a pyramid.

Financial Risks Slide After the Redesign

financial risks slide after the redesign
Source: infoDiagram’s Investment Risk Pyramids Presentation Graphics library

When we compare them together, we can see that the uplifted slide looks far more organized and appealing.

Now, let’s see what are the needed steps to recreate this slide.

Step 1. Create a simple pyramid shape

Start drawing the pyramid by using a triangle shape. Then, add parallel lines, which will split the vector into several sections. Make sure there is the same distance between the lines and you have enough space on the left-hand side, which we will use later on.

Step 2. Add level headers and color

As a next step, add color to those parallel lines, and in the space we left earlier on, add arrow vectors in the same color as the line which follows on the right-hand side.

Step 3. Use enumeration to present the hierarchy

Add numbers to each of the levels of the pyramid to present the way to read the risk hierarchy.

Step 4. Fill pyramid with content

As a finisher, write down the descriptions – assuming that the top level is risk speculation, add the explanation inside the pyramid on the top level, up to the safe foundation and lowest risk that you expect the company to encounter.

I hope you had fun reading this, and that we gave you some interesting tips to use in your presentation.

Here is a YouTube tutorial on how to create different pyramid-style infographics:

Still not sure where to start? In that case, go ahead and download this free sample kit and practice your skills to create the best slide!


The slide makeover we used here is an inspiration from the infoDiagram’s Investment Risk Pyramid Presentation library. Check there for more slides.

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