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Slide Redesign: Yearly Marketing Plan with an Outline Table

Presenting the annual marketing activities plan can be quite overwhelming with the amount of information you need to pass to your audience. On that note, we have created for you an example of a yearly marketing plan makeover with an outline table, to help you send a loud and clear message, presented as simply as possible.

Table with Yearly Marketing Plan Before Redesign

Our source slide presented here looks pretty plain and boring. The calendar is average-looking and not very attractive for a marketing plan presentation.

Let’s look at the redesigned version now.

Yearly Marketing Plan Table After Design Update

yearly marketing plan with an outline table slide after the redesign
Source: infoDiagram Creative Presentation Tables and KPI Outline Design Template library

That’s quite an improvement now, isn’t it? We have replaced the standard old table, added different icons and elements, and as a result – we got a clean-looking table slide!

Now let’s have a closer look at them.

See how we recreated this slide with the following four steps.

Step 1. Use icons instead of text inside table cells

Instead of stuffing your table with long text, add icons that will represent the team’s responsibilities. They are faster to understand and it’s also more motivating to look at them.

Step 2. Beautify the table with graphic elements such as ribbons

Accentuate the first column and row by adding ribbons. The table also looks more tidied up that way.

Step 3. Replace heavy table grid

Replace the default old fashion table grid with column color shading for better appearances.

Step 4. Use color coding

As a final touch, add some color coding to your table, just as we did with the ribbons for the months. We also added flat outline icons to complement the slide. The final look is very appealing, engaging, and clear.

I hope you find this blog useful and inspirational. Start doing your own slide today with this cool free samples collection and make an impactful presentation!


The slide makeover used in this blog is part of the Creative Presentation and KPI Outline Design PPT Template collection.

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