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Slide Redesign: Annual Report with Goals Achievement Summary

Did you have a very successful business year and want to share this annual report with management? We have prepared for you the perfect goals achievement summary slide, with interesting infographics for an impactful presentation.

We always aim to make the best presentations for you, and hopefully this time won’t be any different. Once again, it requires only four simple steps.

The Annual Report Slide Before the Redesign

annual report slide before the redesign picture PowerPoint

Our source slide presented here looks very plain and unengaging. It’s full of text that is difficult to follow. Definitely does not give the best impression.

The Annual Report Slide After the Redesign

annual report slide after the redesign picture PowerPoint
Source: infoDiagram Annual Report Company Performance Presentation PPT Template library

It’s a completely different story after the redesign. Filling out the whole free space in the frame gives us the option to include more shapes, put colors, add icons, and also a dark background to compliment all the elements presented. As a result, we have a wonderful infographic slide that presents a clear, concise message to the audience.

Let’s quickly analyze them together.

annual report slide before after the redesign comparison picture PowerPoint

Now, let’s see step-by-step how to beautify this slide with graphic elements for better engagement.

Step 1. Skip the Table and put the Text in Shapes Instead

annual report slide redesign step 1

Using a standard table format gets monotonous over time, so it’s best to avoid it. Replacing it with arrow-shaped banners looks much more appealing. Additionally, the grey background contrasts very well with the black text.

Step 2. Remember to Add the Icons for Every Element

annual report slide redesign step 2

We’ve mentioned this many times. Adding icons related to the section you’re discussing creates both better visualization and association with the given problem/situation. Here we’ve put synonym icons and status marks such as a checkmark for Done, and a cross mark for Not Done or incomplete.

Step 3. Use the Free Space to add comments

annual report slide redesign step 3

Use the free space left on the right-hand side to add a rectangular shape for the comment section. Discuss the resources needed to achieve the incomplete steps, the process for the achievements etc. We suggest using OKR Review for incomplete projects.

Step 4. Accessorize Your Final Slide

annual report slide redesign step 4

As a final step, make your slide more appealing by adding a dark theme background and some color coding. We added green for the finished projects and orange for the incomplete ones.

Here’s the YouTube Video Tutorial on How to Create an Annual Report in PowerPoint for more ideas.

I hope this blog inspired you because now you have the option to recreate slides by yourself with this free kit of diagrams and icons!


The graphic slide makeover we used here is part of the Annual Report Company Performance Presentation Template. Check it out for more slide ideas related to this topic.

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