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Slide redesign: Change Management Kotter’s Stages Timeline

Here is a design case study showing how you can facelift a slide with steps or stages list.

In this case, we take a specific content from Change management theory – Kotter’s change model which contains a set of eight stages.

Original source slide contains text in form of ordinary bullet points.

We can replace it with a simple flowchart diagram, created in PowerPoint:

Source of graphics: infoDiagram’s Change Management PowerPoint Template

Let’s see this redesign process step by step, using standard PowerPoint tools.

Step 1. Show change stages with a dot graphics

At the start, let’s show the change process sequence of the stages by graphics instead of bullet points. Replace a text column layout with a horizontal timeline made of circle shapes.

Step 2. Create a timeline, connect the dots

Create a flow and connect the stages’ dots with a line. For more interesting effects, you add a curvy line with a dotted line pattern. Add an icon to show the flow path, for example, a symbol or a rocket or flying plane.

Step 3. Add a content – place text descriptions to each stage

Now you have the core graphics of a timeline read. Let’s fill it with text content. As you can see on the slide below, each point has a header and explanation text. Make sure to leave enough space, so it does not affect readability and keep the same level of all textboxes for smoother reading.

Step 4: Expose each stage better, use color-coding

To give more clarity to each stage, assign a different color for each diagram item. Keep colors distinctive. Remember about keeping text to background contrast. For instance, notice that steps number 1 and 7 use a black number color because a circle had too light a color.

We hope you will find this new slide design inspirative.

Here is a presentation illustrating other Change management models


Presented slide makeover graphics is based on the Change Management Models Template infodiagram collection.

More change management graphics is presented in this blog Presenting Change Management in PowerPoint.

If you seek for background on Change management models theory, we recommend checking the Wikipedia definition and article.

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